Located in historic downtown Huntsville, Alabama Finery’s aesthetic displays an unabashed marriage of Parisian parlor meets Rock & Roll attitude. Finery is classic and modern; traditional and progressive; new and old ; respectful and rebellious. There's no bridal playlist on repeat, it's usually 60's Soul or R & B, Rose`or local brew, an easy going staff and on occasion you may be greeted by a Jack Russell Terrier or English Cream Retriever at the door. 

Amid a carefully curated collection of wedding gowns, beaded headpieces, silk turbans, an assortment of gifts and delicate lingerie you’ll find the creator of it all, Madeline Sandlin. Over the past ten years Sandlin has kept a pulse on the wedding and design industry noting all things fabulous and paying special attention to event planning and design.

Sandlin, who could pen a book chronicling her life experiences and résumé, bashfully chalks it all up to an “a-ha moment”. After finishing her degree in London and a brief stint in culinary school, Sandlin found her way to “Music City”. In Nashville, she founded a concierge and styling business catering to music executives, celebrity chefs and award winning singer/songwriters, most notably assisting the Cash family. 

One event led to another and in 2012, Finery opened its doors attracting brides from all walks of life, style ethos and price points.  

Our process has become our mission; to push the boundaries in the world of bridal and event styling and to surpass the expectations you have for one of the most special days of your life.

Above all, we strive to tell a bigger story.